SILENT ROOM is an industrial-style room designed and built by our team with French door accents. It is designed for those who want a stylish, compact, and quiet space in the office for relaxation or meetings.

Form. Thanks to the modular construction technology, the room can be converted into rooms of different sizes and shapes.

Size. We created a 1x1x2.2 m room for individual relaxation, while 3x2x2.2 m was adapted for conference calls.

With wheels. This room is the choice of those who want a dynamic solution to move their oasis of silence effortlessly to another location.

Innovation. It is equipped with intuitive lighting and a powerful ventilation system.

Functionality. The room is equipped with sensors and an air supply-exhaust system that automatically switches on when you enter and off when you leave the room.

SILENT ROOM is the best reflection of your office’s latest innovations, comfort, functionality, and modern design.