Due to the extensive range of applications, metal-glass partitions are chosen by our customers for different interiors. They blend perfectly into New York, Scandinavian, Modern, Japandi, Minimalist, Classical, Mediterranean, and other styles.

In homes, offices, and other spaces, partitions have not only an aesthetic but also a practical function:

  • It separates areas without making them visually smaller.
  • Preserves the path of light.
  • Saves space.
  • Keeps out the noise.
  • Allows rooms within rooms to be shaped.


Those who want to create an interior window motif or partially separate interior spaces often choose them. Such steel-glass walls also become an accent in the interior.


The wide range of available hardware makes this type of door infinitely adaptable. Partitions can be combined with fixed parts, with overlights, or, on the contrary, manufactured as doors only.


Not only do they add uniqueness, but their technological exclusivity also helps save space. A common choice is a partition with only a top rail. It is not constrained by a bottom rail or threshold, keeping the space floor seamless.


They have the advantage of folding in both directions, creating a feeling of space and freedom. They can be made with only the top rail, bottom rail or both.


Glass is one of the main accents of a partition, so we pay special attention to its individual selection. The choice is up to the individual.


The design of the handles for each project is individually tailored to your needs and vision.

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