Sophisticated, innovative, and exclusive solutions for your home, office, or any other space. Yes, it’s premium metal profiles for exterior doors and windows.

We manufacture exterior metal doors and windows with profiles from our Italian partners Secco Sistemi. They have been creating innovations with modern architectural trends for over 70 years.

The systems and profiles they have invented have not only become benchmarks in the sector, winning two prestigious Compasso D’Oro awards but have also been further developed. Where experience and innovation merge, evolutionary solutions are born.

The undiscovered precious metals solution


Extremely strong and resistant to corrosion and harsh weather conditions. When exposed to air, it turns a rich colour and takes on antique bronze shades. Ideal for those looking for expressive architectural solutions, whether combining the old and the new or incorporating it into a modern interior.

Finish options: satin, burnished.

Corten steel

Its corrosion resistance is 6-8 times higher than conventional steel. It can be used to produce thinner and more elegant profiles than aluminum or wooden ones. Over time, Corten steel takes on different shades giving space a distinctive character.

Finish options: oxidised, oxidised-waxed.

Stainless steel

It results from respect for the environment, research, and quality. It’s stainless steel that is completely resistant to corrosion. The material’s physical properties make it possible to produce windows and doors in ultra-thin profiles, giving not only the interior but also the exterior of the building a sense of lightness. These profiles have a much lower thermal transmittance than aluminium structures, contributing to energy savings.

Finish options: satin, gloss, scotch-brite, burnished.

Galvanized steel

Its physical and technical properties make it possible to produce doors and windows that are thin yet extremely strong and of high quality. They are visually lighter, giving the space more daylight than usual, allowing for more versatile solutions on site. The profiles are hot-dip galvanized, providing corrosion protection both externally and internally. As a result, you can be sure they will last for many years. And they don’t need to be maintained by painting, sealing, or replacing after a while.

Finishing options: varnished.

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