Sliding partitions

This is the most popular type of partitions. Such partitions can be completed together with stationary parts, skylights or vice versa – produced only as doors.

Very often this type of partition is simply called a steel-glass door. Thanks to the wide selection of door fittings, this type of door can be adapted to very different customer needs.

Steel glass doors can be equipped with different types of hinges, which are divided into the following groups:

  • visible (welded) hinges are adjustable up and down;
  • concealed hinges that mount inside the pipe can be adjusted in all directions;
  • pivot type hinges
  • screw hinges;

Visible hinges are the most popular for their simplicity. This type of hinges allows the use of ultra-thin steel profiles. Due to their technical characteristics, their operation is smooth and pleasant. The inner bearing protects against squeaking, and the adjustment of hinges themselves reduces the likelihood of the door sedimentation.

The advantage of hidden hinges is aesthetics. They are hidden in frames.

Pivot hinges operate on a push-push basis and swing in both directions. Such a solution is especially popular in public spaces or interiors where there is a need for intuitive and modern door opening.

Screw-on hinges are used in the manufacture of non-standard doors or skylights.

Also, one of the most important door components is the handle. The most commonly used is the L-shaped handle of extremely simple design, but there are virtually no limits to the variety of their designs.

Folding handles can be equipped with various locks or mechanisms. In each case, the handle and the door locking mechanism should be selected individually.

Steel-glass doors can be extremely modified with a wide range of fittings using electromagnetic locks, automatic thresholds, door closers, soft closing mechanisms or other fittings. Therefore, the best decision can be made in consultation with experts in the field.


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