Toota Studio

This project is remarkably good example of differently painted partitions. The possibilities of colouring are limitless. It is possible to repeat various materials and textures. In this case, even create an imitation of a wooden frame.

“Horizon” is a project implemented in 2019, the interior of which was designed by the studio Toota. The Piritas team focused their skills on fabricating and installing a glass-metal partition. The interior is exceptionally light and bright. That is why it was decided to paint the metal partitions so that they would give lightness to the interior, the light brown color would organically blend into the spaces. We are happy with the result: this solution has brought a sense of life and aesthetics to the interior.

Interior: Produce studio
Manufacturer: Piritas
Year: 2019


Rodūnios road 11, LT-02189,Vilnius

Company code: 304067896

VAT number: LT100010941416


Director: Gediminas Krištopaitis

Phone: +370 698 31 935