„Soft furniture“ design

Delicate interior, subtle design, unusual requirements and a high level of craftsmanship – this is how the project can be described. Together with the interior designers at Mild Studio, we have created an exclusive home. Extremely popular, but sometimes difficult to control, patterned Flutes glass reflects the motif of wooden beams and the aesthetic pattern of the walls, retaining the cherished light at home. Sometimes maintaining a sense of spaciousness can become a daunting challenge. You have to combine the coziness and tranquility of private rooms with the noise of common areas. We have used steel-glass doors, the constructions of which ensure that even the most complex whims become a reality!

Interior: www.minkstinamai.lt

Location: Trakai, Lithuania

Date: 2019

Pictures: www.esthete.lt

Manufacturer: MB Piritas


Rodūnios road 11, LT-02189,Vilnius

Company code: 304067896

VAT number: LT100010941416


Director: Gediminas Krištopaitis

Phone: +370 698 31 935