Silent room

The smart Piritas team has created something new – the industrial-looking SILENT ROOM. The room of extremely exclusive design dates back to the 20th century. The design is popular in the US and is infused with French-style door accents. The harmony of styles is crowned by the SILENT ROOM functionality dictated by modern modernism and adapted to office work. The harmony of this style allows you to move to the sound barrier and to relax from the constant running without leaving your regular work space.

SILENT ROOM resembles regular forms of iron sulphite or even English-style telephone booths, making it perfect for an individual conversation (1x1x2m.) Or a conference meeting (3x2x2m.). Thanks to its modular design, this type of room can be easily modified into rooms of extremely different shapes and sizes. The cozy and extremely privacy-friendly SILENT ROOM can be stationary or with mounted castors. The mobile solution is perfect for dynamic sailing units where migration of an oasis of silence is simply necessary!

The soft interior finish enhances the feeling of coziness and serenity, and the intuitive SILENT ROOM lighting will adapt to any changes in the room. The ventilation system will provide fresh air on its own. The sensor system and the powerful air supply-exhaust system will switch on automatically when entering and leaving the room.

SILENT ROOM is a modern harmony between classic style, modern requirements and innovative technologies. The PIRITO team has tried to take care of your needs with automatic control systems, and the appearance is matched to the most complex interior challenges.


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