Thanks to their unique design and practicality, steel-glass partitions are widely used not only in industrial interiors. We find motifs in New York stylistic lofts or modern interiors. These types of doors are often called French doors or crittall style doors.


Due to their aesthetic appearance, steel-glass doors have become very popular in Scandinavian-style interiors. They not only fit perfectly, but also become a tasteful accent in bright interiors. Also, steel partitions are combined with solid wood elements.

When protecting the home space, customers choose a variety of sliding partition designs. They can be mounted on the wall or ceiling. However, if you want a space-saving solution, you can always choose pocket-mounted or folding partitions. Such solutions can be seen in interiors with Italian aesthetics.

By choosing non-traditional partition combinations, it is possible to obtain houses and products with an exclusive interior. This is perfectly reflected in the gold-colored steel profiles or patterned flute, cross reeded glass.

Steel-glass partitions can be found not only in private homes, but also in office interiors. This type creates private spaces and preserves the path of light propagation. Thanks to various technological solutions, extremely high sound resistance can be achieved. This allows you to create rooms in rooms and separate work spaces.

Steel-glass partitions can be adapted to the needs of even the most demanding customer.


Partitions of this type are very often installed to create an interior window motif or to partially separate the interior…


This is the most popular type of partitions. Such partitions can be completed together with stationary parts, skylights or vice versa – produced only as doors…


To save space indoors or for a truly unique design, you can always choose sliding steel-glass partitions…


In English, this type of door sounds like “folding doors”. In Lithuania they are described as harmonica type doors…


One of the main components of a steel glass partition is glass. For each product, the glass is selected individually.


All our partitions are made according to individual order, so the product is unique…

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