The name of the sulphide class mineral pyrite is derived from the Greek word meaning fire due to its ability to spark in reaction with steel. This is the reaction that our team inspires every day by creating structures and partitions. Pyrite is incredibly similar to gold by its appearance. It fooled more than one seeker during the gold rush.

Steel and glass partitions are a solution that allows you to create unique and practical spaces preserving light and giving elegance.


Due to modern innovations, we have the opportunity to fulfill high circulation orders and export them to northern and western Europe. However, each of them is a work that requires extraordinary care, where aesthetic and constructional tasks are solved individually.


Using and managing useful land resources, energetic and smart Piritas team creates exclusive home, specific purpose or office spaces as well as modern and practical furniture.

About us

Once upon a time, Piritas was just a huge desire, one pair of hands and a local market. However, today we can be proud of the team and our works not only in Lithuania, but also in Europe. And most importantly, we are not going to stop!

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Ronūnios road 11, LT-02189,Vilnius

Company code: 304067896

VAT number: LT100010941416


Director: Gediminas Krištopaitis

Phone: +370 698 31935