Egle's apartment

The need to create a unique space, non-standard engineering and masterful ability to combine different materials allowed our team to create a breathtaking interior. We separated the dining room, living room and bedroom areas with sliding partitions. We longed for versatility and dynamism. We made it possible to separate all the spaces from each other, if necessary, and to make all the partitions invisible in order to create a huge solid space!

Piritas, continuing its cooperation with the manufacturers of exclusive design aluminum structures PORTAPIVOT, used Belgian aluminum structures and adapted them to the sliding door system. Meanwhile, clear glass and wooden beams allowed for privacy.

We matched the anodized aluminum to the color of the bars – thus obtaining a harmonious sound of the colors of the steel frame and wooden bars.

Each of the sliding partitions has its own rail, so they can all be used regardless of the position of the other sash.

We are delighted that this unique solution was successfully implemented in Palanga, together with EGL Studio. Thanks to our great collaboration, an amazing product has been created!

Design: EGL studio

Pictures: Vaidotas Darulis Photography

Manufacturer: Piritas

Date: 2020


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