Bokšto str. design kitchen

We are delighted by the uniqueness of this design. The steel-glass partition contains with round elements.

Customer expectations spoke of the ease of design and the uniqueness of the designs. We solved these tasks by changing the color of the steel partition to white, installing double doors and round window elements. Today, the client has a bedroom that is integrated into the interior of the apartment. The room does not disturb the sense of spaciousness, but preserves precious privacy.

Interior design: Dizaino Virtuvė

Pictures: Kernius Pauliukonis

Manufacturer: Piritas

Date: 2019 m.


Rodūnios road 11, LT-02189,Vilnius

Company code: 304067896

VAT number: LT100010941416


Director: Gediminas Krištopaitis

Phone: +370 698 31 935